The village of Saint-Geniès-de-Fontédit is situated between the foothills of Cabrerolles and the coastal plain of Bas-Languedoc. Belonging to the department of Hérault, the Taurou runs through it, a tributary of the Orb.


It appears to have been built around a church dedicated to St. Geniès (Genesius) - clerk to the Court in Arles, martyred in the middle of the 3rd century - and a fountain struck with an adictum (judicial or official decree), probably during the Carolingian era.


Saint-Geniès-de-Fontédit has traditionally relied on three staples : grain, olive-trees and vineyards, as well as trees and gardens, which gave way during the 19th century to the single-crop farming of the vineyard. Genuine effort is made to ensure top quality wine is produced.


It has a population of 1500 and with a cafe/bar, Post Office,  Tabac (newsagents), a bakers (selling delicious breads, cakes and pastries ), a hairdressers, a small supermarket and an award winning pizza takeaway.  Every Thursday morning, there is a small market in the centre of the village, selling fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses.  In the spring and summer months the village has numerous music  and cultural events, all are welcome.